A pangram is a sentence that uses all 26 letters of the alphabet. This is a list of pangrams that I have penned (ordered by character count). Feel free to use them for whatever a pangram is used for. Please give me writing credits if you do use them.

Psycho biker, dazed on toxins, fervently wails misquoted jargon!

Quixotic skateboarders play while office zombies envision jargon.

Design a quality website from zilch and then explain vaporware, jerk.

Explosion discharges waves of mesmerizing black matter, jump quickly!

Darkness closing in, vexed zombie hits five door jambs, quality pillow. (panku)

Yes, Joe has a qualm about receiving the puzzling gift box of knowledge.

Queasy nightmares befuddle denizens who poke and examine unjust cover-ups.

I’m just quietly working on type which wasn’t utilized or very sexy before.

Ze dunkel requires fine malt or it will become a very hoppy mix in that jug.

Put yourself in the DJ’s shoes, as mixing Mozart with Queen can be very tricky.

Purveyor Johnny makes a questionable decision for the fix, while robots zigzag.

We quickly judge the society’s degree of civilization by examining its prisons.

Five wisecracking juveniles surprise teacher by expertly mastering arduous quiz.

Join now and quickly benefit from my experience with dozens of government loans!

Jeez, the advertising budget for kooky superbowl ads has become quite exorbitant.

To make a quality typeface design, mix a vat of math, mojo, and a bit of wizardry.

Don’t venture into the jungle maze, or the axe-bearing psycho will quickly follow.

An extreme sport is one in which citizens frequently keel over due to bad judgment.

Acolytes preaching faulty excerpts provoke mob quarrel and jeopardize welfare for all.

Electronic dinosaurs quickly vex and bemoan professionals working in Zhanjiang, China.

The hazy extraterrestrial moon has a visibly pockmarked surface, which is quite jagged.

While a considerable quantity of greenbacks flow, foxy vermin jeopardize casino floors.

Despite key technological advances, jalopies require a sizable petroleum fix to whiz by.

If your body is unquestionably overweight from a pathetic lack of exercise, try jogging.

If you mess with the power of gravity, be prepared to quickly jeopardize your existence.

Zany pixel fonts may have a good vector outline, but can be questionable and wonky junk.

Beneath the parquet floors lay 49 jam-packed zwiebacks alongside the very old xerograph.

Americans very quickly lose rights, as zealot politicians wax poetic about foreign jihad.

I know that atoms produce complex forms of matter, which could become very jagged quartz.

Jazzy spam emails occupy inboxes, banking on individuals with zero IQ and loose billfolds.

Queasy men wage battles for food while jaded Americans view on TVs with king-sized pixels.

We frequently mix old technology with computers to convert a backbreaking job into a breeze.

A query into the dawn of mankind reveals a startling nexus between jumping chimpanzees and us.

When in a major quandary, you can take a step backward to see the gestalt and visualize the fix.

Be wary of questioning the leaders, or your jacket may contain toxic levels of ionizing particles.

“Seize the day and follow the fluxing middle path on your journey back to Nirvana,” quipped Buddha.

Gaze into the quasi-onyx future and you’ll see every skilled job has been replaced with automation.

Who controls the gold is a touchy subject and frequently makes people get exiled and often vaporized.

A pangram can be a vexing word puzzle, as every letter of the alphabet must be used in just one quirky sentence.

The basic experience that is required to reproduce flawless glyphs is jokingly minimal these days—very close to zero.